MAS in English

Welcome to the Swedish Society of Maritime Archeology (MAS). Below is a short presentation of the fellowship.

The Society was founded 1978 and is a network for all individuals with interest in the maritime oriented archeology, history and archeology under water. Our members are professional marine archeologists, archeologists, recreational divers and others with an interest in maritime archeology.

Our aim is to unite and network with the various groups and institutions as well as to increase the insight of the need of research and education within the maritime archeology area. In our periodical review ’Marinarkeologisk Tidskrift’ (in Swedish), archeologists, researchers and recreational divers submit articles for publication. All articles are also searchable in a database at the website for later access. At the yearly conference, new research, projects and other topics, mainly related to the Nordics countries, are presented. During the year we also conduct projects, in Sweden, where professional archeologists, recreational divers and others with interest in maritime archeology cooperate to investigate an archeological theory or maritime site. At our homepage, as well as at our Facebook page, we inform about activities and news within the area of marine archeology.

If you like to come in contact with the society please send an email to: info(a)